Today he would have been 22

CharlieToday he would have been 22.
He would have been back at uni, working hard, for the last year of his degree.
His shoulder would have been on the mend after two months of physio.
Today he’d have had coffee and gone to his lectures before driving home.
He would have been thrilled with his cards and presents, he’d have been spoilt rotten as always!
He’d hug us with his big arms to say thank you.
There’d be fizz and gin and beer to toast him.
He would have been happy to be with us on his birthday.
He’d have planned to party with his friends at the weekend.
He would have had a lovely day.
Today he would have been 22.

This is the first time we haven’t been with Charlie on his birthday and I don’t know what you’re supposed to do. So we went for a walk in the rain, we bought some chickens, we toasted Charlie and we had a cake. It was hard but it was ok.

Happy Birthday little brother, we miss you.

IMG_3922 IMG_3915

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