Superstar DJ

Several exciting things have happened over the last few days but I’m saving my new sewing machine for another blog because on Friday I went to London town to be on Radio 1!

IMG_3986One of the magazines I write for, #StudentFarmer, was shortlisted to be on Greg James’s afternoon show feature Feet Up Friday.

Emily, Vicky, Jim and I headed to the big smoke for some airtime, we fuelled up on a Byron burger before heading to the studio armed with magazines, a mocked up front cover and a sheep cake.

I was lucky enough to have been to Radio 1 HQ before for the Access All Area month with the AgriChat team (listen here if you fancy it) but I was mega excited because it is such a fantastic place and this time we would be live on air!

Every Friday Greg invites two teams to come into the studio and pick their favourite tunes, a public vote then decides who will host the show for half an hour.

IMG_4002Our song choices (including Ghostbusters) and dazzling personalities won the Radio 1 listeners over and we had half an hour to do as we pleased.

It was brilliant and I don’t reckon we sounded too bad either.

Being live on air, learning from the mighty Greg James, meeting his lovely team, having a chat with Danny Howard, the hydraulic desks, spotting the other DJ’s, I can’t pick a highlight.

But if you ever get the chance to give it a go I’d recommend it.

And if anyone from Radio 1 is reading this then I’d say yes if you offered me a job!

We’re on from about 48 minutes in if you fancy a listen!

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